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[WEBINAR] Rethinking the Roles of Educators

On Wednesday (this week, August 6th), the New Media Consortium is hosting a Webinar titled “RETHINKING THE ROLES OF EDUCATORS” from 11am to 12pm ET. You can watch it online (see details at link below) but if you can make it to campus, please come by the E&IT Lab where I’ll be streaming it.

The Webinar itself is only one hour but I’ve added 30-minutes to the on-campus event so those attending can spend a few minute talking about what we learned (or didn’t learn).

For details, and to reserve a spot for the on-campus stream, click

“Education professionals are increasingly expected to be adept at a variety of technology-based and other approaches for content delivery, learner support, and assessment. Emerging approaches to learning call for them to act as guides and mentors. As this trend gathers steam, many institutions are reimagining the primary responsibilities of educators, librarians, and museum staff. Hear perspectives from a panel of thought leaders on how this theme is materializing across different learning sectors and how it can be successfully addressed.”

AJ Kelton
Director of Emerging & Instructional Technology
College of Humanities and Social Sciences – Montclair State University
Doctoral Candidate
Educational Communication and Technology – New York University
Emerging Learning Design 2015

Twitter: @ELDConf


Twitter: @aj_kelton

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